CFH® trade


Herbal healing oils


CFH® Co. are wholesaler, manufacturer for herbal oils and specialize in trading with Health-promoting oils for the skin and well-being.

  • Our products are available from 5ml to 5000l containers.
  • All our products are laboratory-analized and have the highest healing properties.
  • Prior to any import, the product is inspected and certified by our on-site employee.

Machine trade


CFH Co. buys and sells new & used  pharmaceutical,Cosmetic and Food manufacturing and processing equipment. The company's inventory includes equipment for the manufacture of

  • pharmaceuticals,
  • Solid machines (tablets, capsules, powders)
  • semi-solid (creams, ointments, gels)
  • liquid, aseptic fill and finish (vials, ampoules, prefilled syringes), transdermal patches, and more

Special service of CFH machines:spesialcervice


Upon request, you will receive the machines with Qualification / Validated Documents (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ)

If you can not find the pharmaceutical equipment you are looking for, contact our team and we'll help you to get the machinery you need.